Employment Screening Solutions for (HR) Human Resources Professionals

HRemp provides accurate and affordable employment screening solutions to help human resource professionals and employers make informed hiring decisions.

Our pre-employment screening services include:
Employment Screening Solutions

At HRemp we develop and maintain long-term client relationships by providing the best customer service in the employment screening solutions industry. We strive to provide high quality employment screening solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our clients. Our goals have been accomplished through an ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and innovation.

We work hard to keep our clients coming back to us. We are very enthusiastic about what we do, and want to help all our potential and current clients as best we can. We encourage your feedback and are available to assist you at any time during our regular business hours. Please visit our Contact HRemp webpage for more information.

If you are interested in our employment screening solutions and would like to become a client, please visit our HRemploymentScreening.com account setup webpage. If you are only interested in ordering instant criminal background checks then our website InstantCriminalChecks.com may be a better solution for you.  It offers county, federal, and a national criminal background check.